As well as serving our great teas and coffees, we also supply local small businesses.

 From teas and coffees to hot chocolate, cups and sugars etc, we’ve got you covered.  What better for your local business than using a local tea and coffee supplier?  We are confident that once you taste our products you will love them and your customers will too!

If you would like to learn more about the best products available and setting up an account, it is recommended to arrange a visit to the tea room to go through the possibilities, have a taste, and make an informed choice as to what would suit your needs best. Rest assured your customers will appreciate the fact that you care about the quality of the beverage you serve them. Imagine just finishing a fantastic meal created by your talented chef, only to be ruined by delivering a cheap, bland cup of coffee or tea. We can help you avoid that calamity. 

To discuss your requirements or to arrange a visit, call us now on 01823 322288