Bumblee’s Preserves Wortleberry Jam

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Delicious jams and preserves from Brendon Hill Crafts,  as served at Mr Miles.  227g ea.

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Whortleberry is the West Country name for a Wild Blueberry found growing on Exmoor & Dartmoor. Other names are Huckleberry, Whinberry, Wild Bilberry & Myrtle Berry.

Although the fruit is similar to the cultivated Blueberry, Whortleberry has a deeper, richer flavour.  These little berries certainly pack a flavour punch.

Whatever you decide to call the berries, this jam is absolutely delicious.  Simply adore it on warm buttered English muffins.

320g Jar

Ingredients; Whortleberry (47%), Sugar, Water, Pectin

Prepared with 55g fruit per 100g   /   Total sugar content: 60g per 100g

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